• Stenotype Theory for the Professional Scopist (Book)
  • A "workbook" desigend to be used in conjunction with StenEd Realtime Theory.
  • For students who want to learn scoping rather than reporting.
  • Gives note-reading and transcription practice based on the material presented in the Realtime Theory text.
  • May be taught in the same class as beginning writing theory students or as a separate class, depending on the number of scopist students enrolled.
  • Contains 11 chapters.
  • covers StenEd as well as non-StenEd principles, techniques, and outlines.
  • Gives much practice in note reading.
  • Gives practice in correcting computer mistranlates, nontranslates, and conflicts.
  • Other useful texts for scopists include: Realtime Reverse Dictionary and Reader for Realtime Theory.

Stenotype Theory for the Professional Scopist (Book)

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